The Oil is poisoning the Maracaibo Basin

The Oil is poisoning the Maracaibo Basin

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The Curse of Black Gold

An Oil Graveyard


Venezuela's most important hydrocarbon reserves occur in the intermontane Maracaibo Basin and in the Easter Venezuela foreland basin.

Oil seeps are abundant in these areas and for many years, Oil fuelled Venezuela's economy.

The Maracaibo Basin has numerous and prolific oil seeps on all flanks, and as in the rest of Venezuela, these focussed early exploratory drilling.

In general, the basin contains lighter oil and gas at deep levels and heavy oil at shallow levels, reflecting the loss of light fractions by evaporation, flushing and biodegradation.

Most of the country´s production to date has come from this basin, which remains the main producing area in Venezuela. 


Dying from Neglect

It is well known that Maracaibo Basin has the world's largest crude oil reserves, but unfortunately,  the entrance of "Chavismo" had another impact on the environment 

and it has been reduced to an oil graveyard poisoning its shorelines and chocking wildlife.   

Fishermen are still trying to work in the contaminated water meanwhile gas is bubbling and smelling indicating that probably a well has not been plugged. 

"All of the water is poisoned and it is highly dangerous". 

Many oil pipes are broken because oil is constantly floating in the water.  People feel sick and some villagers report skin rash as they are exposed to gasoline.


Absolutely Crazy

People denounce that this is a crazy situation because fish is poisoned and the waters are blackened. Fishermen have to bring out their fishing nets that are covered in oil, to wash them in petroleum to try and get rid of the oil on old platforms which are still leaking gas.



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