The United States for now has ruled out holding any negotiations with Nicolás Maduro and instead is focused on how to orchestrate a “dignified exit” for the Venezuelan leader after an opposition uprising and a series of sanctions failed to oust him from…


The interim president Mr.Guaido has previously said that “all options remain on the table” – a comment echoed frequently in Washington – but has been gradually hardening his speech on the issue in the wake of the recent failed "Operación Libertad…

Drug Cartels and Criminal Gangs behind Maduro and Diosdado's structure of power

After 20 years of chavismo, most people around the world have finally come to terms with the idea that Venezuela is now a dictatorship. The Western world, led by the United States, the Lima Group and, in a lesser extent, the European Union, are forcing…


The Curse of Black Gold

Venezuela's most important hydrocarbon reserves occur in the intermontane Maracaibo Basin and in the Easter Venezuela foreland basin.


The best propaganda is not propaganda

"Seduction is always more effective than coercion, and many values like democracy, human rights, and individual opportunities are deeply seductive."



The award was established last year to celebrate the most impressive and impactful politicians aged 35 and under. The 2019 shortlist exemplifies the outstanding achievements of young leaders who have infiltrated the old guard of politics worldwide.

Diego Arria

According to some Fox sources, Nicolás Maduro is looking to call for elections and possibly to negociate some kind of exit.

Ambassador and a banner

After days of usurpation, by pro-Chavez activists, the Venezuelan embassy in Washington shows a new air of renewal and freedom with the image of Ambassador Carlos Vecchio at the main entrance of the embassy.




It’s been five months since the opposition lawmaker Juan Guaidó assumed the symbolic role of interim president of Venezuela, hoping to unseat the country’s strongman, Nicolás Maduro. Despite more than 50 countries recognizing Mr. Guaidó as Venezuela’s…